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Project Updates

A Report on the Initial Gasification Trials

The aim of this ARENA project is to scale up an advanced biomass gasification technology to 100 kg/hr biomass processing capacity. A 100 kg/hr biomass gasification demonstration plant has been designed, built and commissioned. Some initial trials have now been carried out using this demonstration plant for the gasification of mallee and other biomasses. The results from these initial trials are highlighted below. These initial results have proved the overall technical feasibility of this advanced gasification technology.

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Some Key Features of Biofuels from the Pyrolysis and Biorefinery of Biomass - A Preliminary Report

This project aims to demonstrate a low emission biofuel technology for the production of high quality liquid fuels and biochar from the pyrolysis of biomass and the subsequent biorefinery of the bio-oil. There is currently a lack of understanding about the properties of such biofuels (not to be confused with biodiesels) from the pyrolysis-biorefinery of lignocellulosic biomass. Therefore, a significant roadblock in the establishment of an Australian biofuel industry is the lack of confidence, which does not favour commercial investment in this area.

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Renergi is a start-up private company established in 2012 to commercialise a suite of renewable energy technologies developed in the Fuels and Energy Technology Institute at Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia. The current technology focus at Renergi include biomass gasification for distributed power and heat generation, biomass pyrolysis and refinery for the production of biochar, bio-oil and advanced biofuels, and co-firing of biomass with coal in the existing coal-fired power stations.

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